At G2G Americas, our international business consultants specialize in helping small to medium enterprises and large corporations expand their import or export business in Latin America and the Caribbean.

International Trade Consulting

Our import clients are typically seeking to diversify their supplier base and reduce supplier cost. Using our network of strategic partners, G2G Americas can identify new sources of cost-effective supply for these clients.

Our export clients are looking for potential buyers and distributors to purchase and distribute their products throughout Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Using strategic market research, G2G Americas can identify the best global expansion opportunities for these clients.

To help our export and import clients achieve their goals, we offer a number of international trade consulting services, including:

  1. Market Development
  2. Foreign Commercial Representation
  3. Strategic Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence
  4. Trade Promotion & Coordination
  5. Trade Advisory Services
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Market Development

G2G Americas has built a comprehensive network of export and import partners in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America, many of whom are constantly seeking new avenues for trade growth and global expansion in the region. Utilizing this network, our business consultants are able to recognize opportunities and broker trade transactions between both groups.

Foreign Commercial Representation

For enterprises that may not have the human resources to dedicate to a particular geographic segment in Central America, South America or the Caribbean, G2G Americas can act as the company’s overseas representative or agent for that foreign market. In collaboration with the exporter, our team of international business consultants will assume responsibility for managing:

  1. Negotiations with distributors and selection of distribution channels
  2. Product registration and legal issues
  3. Transportation and logistics Promotional and marketing activities

Strategic Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

With our advanced research capabilities, G2G America can assist both government agencies in the public sector and exporters in the private sector that require industry and market intelligence. Specifically, our international business consultants can research and prepare:

  1. Market and industry reports
  2. Tariff information
  3. Non-tariff barrier information
  4. Competitive intelligence
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Trade Promotion Support & Coordination

For governments, government agencies and trade associations responsible for either conducting export promotion activities or hosting overseas business delegations, G2G Americas can be a strategic partner to ensure all matchmaking and logistics are successfully executed. Our international business consultants can provide this critical support for organizations participating in:

  1. Incoming trade missions
  2. Outgoing trade missions
  3. International trade shows and fairs

Trade Advisory Services

To successfully enter foreign markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, exporters must often make product adaptations to respond to local market requirements. G2G Americas can provide the necessary advice to export clients with regard to the following requirements:

  1. Market entry strategy and product feasibility
  2. Product packaging and labeling
  3. Marketing materials
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